The Saviour of Ashunrama

“Am I in heaven? What happened to me?” I ask hurriedly.

“One question at a time” says an angel.

“Ok first what’s your name?” I ask politely.

The angel replies, “My name is Mordechai.”

“Next, am I in heaven?” I query.

“Yes, you are in heaven, at least that is what you would know it as, its real name is Ashunrama.” Jane answers.

“Lastly, what happened to me?” I enquire.

Jane says “you were merely transported home, we have a mission for you. But first, I think you’d better look around until the Council of Elders calls for you.”

I begin to walk around, taking in my setting; everything around me is stark white. There are a couple of bell-towers though, that are very, very light pink like cotton candy. I look behind me and I notice, blocking my view, a pair of brilliantly white wings. These wings are ombre and at the very bottom they had faded into a light pink.

Suddenly a gong sounds, and an angel tells me it is the signal to go to the Council of Elders. I follow the rush of angels into a large building, bigger than the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. A group of ancient angels stand on top of a ginormous platform and call me to the stage. The angels explain what I must do, I have to find a diamond and plant it in the soil of this realm. The elders explain that this will create a magical plant that could just save all of the realms from destruction.

I question the elders, “what is threatening to destroy the realms of angel and human?”. Their wizened face contort in sadness, “we are not quite sure what it is, but there is a shadow spreading across our realm. Everywhere it spreads the animal and plants die and the angels flee. If we don’t stop it soon it will consume the whole realm of Ashunrama. Go now.” Suddenly I feel a rush of wind around me and I am swept off my feet.

The next thing I know, I am back in my own bed realising that it is the first day of the holidays. I run downstairs faster than the speed of light, wolf down my breakfast, scribble a note for my ‘supposed’ parents and run out of the door.

The first place I check is the jewellers. As I stare into the shop window I realise from my reflection that my wings are still there.  I push open the heavy door of the jewellers and look around inside. There are diamond earrings and diamond rings, but not a single loose diamond in sight.  I rush out of the door, realising that I couldn’t have bought a diamond anyway as in my haste I had forgotten my money.

The next place I try are the mountains outside our village. I know that there are abandoned rickety mine shafts where they used to mine diamonds. When I get to the mine shafts I discover that there is still miner’s gear in the changing room. I hurriedly change from my clothes into a loose-fitting outfit, grab my torch and a pick-axe from the bench and head down into the mines.

When I get into the mines I immediately begin to start hacking into the first bit of stone I come across with my pick, I know from our history lessons that they often didn’t venture too deep into the mines as they knew that diamonds were much more plentiful at the beginning of the mine-shafts. Surprisingly, the first thing that falls out of the rock is a diamond the size of a walnut.

I walk out of the mine and it is just my luck to see the boy who has bullied me since kindergarten, Harry. He sees something glinting in my hand, and instantaneously makes a dive for it. He succeeds in getting the diamond. I try and plead him for it but he knows that if he is really loud he can overpower me as I am autistic which means I struggle with loud noises, bright lights and social situations. In this instance, Harry has taken advantage of loud noises to steal my diamond.

Harry runs back to his house on the slope of the mountains. I can’t see any point in carrying on so I return home for the day. The next day, when I am calmer and more collected, I venture up to his house again to try and beg for the diamond. By the time I’m up there I overhear him talking to his friends about how he is going to sell this shiny gem on eBay. I softly knock on the door, he opens it and I begin to ask for the diamond. When he refuses, he starts to taunt me by holding it just out of my reach so I dive down and tie his shoelaces together so when he tries to move he falls backwards and I snatch the diamond out of his fist.

I fly home, remembering I have wings. When I get there I run up to my room and grab the pouch of Ashunraman soil, I carefully push the diamond down into the soil and suddenly I am transported back to the realm of the angels. The leader of the realm confronts me and asks me to hand over the pouch I am carrying.

All the angels in the vicinity gather around. In a wondrous feat of angel magic the leader makes the diamond grow before our very eyes. She picks a single fruit from the blossom and throws it in the direction of the shadow, which is currently baying at the city gates. We all watched as the shadow dematerialised and all the land consumed by the awful power suddenly sprung back to life.

The leader said, “Before you go, Rose, we are about to offer you a tough choice. You may remain on Earth as a human for the rest of your life, or you may return home with us and stay on Ashunrama for eternity.” I pondered for a few minutes on the pro’s and con’s of staying on Ashunrama and decided that the pro’s of staying outweighed the con’s. I will of course miss my family, but the positives of staying are that I will learn who I truly am and will fit in.

I told the leader my choice and instantly an orb began to surround me. A collection of objects appears in front of my eyes, I am told to choose one and that will be the centre of my power. I choose the leaf, which symbolises nature and animals, and as quickly as it appeared the orb began to fade from sight.

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