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  1. Tracey Harris says:

    Hi Beth, I played your Gunpowder Plot game and am sorry to tell you that I ran out of time to foil the plot and the Houses of Parliament have been blown up!!!! :0(
    I hope that you have had a fab time learning about this at school. Did you try making a fireworks picture with wax crayon? You cover a piece of paper with lots of different colour crayon and then colour over the top with black crayon… you can then scrape off the black in firework shapes and you get multicoloued fireworks!
    Have fun,
    Love Tracey xx

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi Tracey!
      Thank you for the comment. I am definitely going to try that, although I’m not sure whether we have wax crayons – I’ll go and check!
      Hopefully the Houses of Parliament aren’t really blown up!
      Elizabeth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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