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  1. Wow, Elizabeth! I work for BrainPOP in the US and I think you rock too! Love your videos. You are adorable. Have fun BrainPOPing!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you Teresa.

      Do you have fun deciding on the video? I enjoyed the one where they went under water in a submarine 🙂

      • Hi Elizabeth!

        I am happy to hear you liked our movie on the submarine. 🙂
        Even though I don’t get to decide on the videos, working for BrainPOP is a lot of fun. I get to help teachers learn about BrainPOP and sometimes I even get to work with Moby. He’s a really good dancer! Take care and thank you for being such a great BrainPOP fan!

        • Elizabeth says:

          Thank you. I really like your work. I like your picture too!

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