I woke up and everything was rocking up and down. Then I remembered where I was. I was on a boat going to… Pearl Island. I was going there to collect pearls for a jeweller that I knew. It was a dangerous mission but without it the jeweller would go bankrupt. With them, he might be able to sell enough necklaces and bracelets to feed his family. I knew that I couldn’t go back without them.

The weather had been perfect for at least 6 days now. That’s not a good thing in sailing terms as I knew that meant that there might be a hurricane on its way. The first signs that a storm was on its way were the grey clouds that started gathering last night and the wind that was getting stronger by the minute. The waves were getting bigger, bigger than I had ever imagined. I was worried this meant that a Force 10 storm was on its way which meant we were almost guaranteed to end up shipwrecked!

The storm hit! It was terrible and I couldn’t stand upright for more than 5 seconds. I tried to steer away from the looming grey rocks which were getting closer and closer. The waves were making it impossible to see clearly, the waves were throwing the boat around like two giants playing a rough game of catch and the spray was soaking me to the skin. Just when I thought we might be safe, a gigantic wave swept over the boat and washed my dog, Meg, overboard. I couldn’t concentrate, I kept thinking I had to save her but that would be made without a safety jacket or a harness. Too late… I hit the rocks! The boats shattered and I was flung into the air, and then into the freezing cold depths of the sea. I spotted Meg and swam towards her. Together we managed to paddle to the nearby island.

Once on the island I set about making a camp as I thought it would be our only chance of survival. Luckily the storm threw up lots of fish on to the beach so I knew Meg and I had enough food. I knew I had to focus on finding water otherwise we would not survive long on this island. I entered the forest it was a dark, stuffy place where you constantly felt like you were being watched. I stumbled over thick roots and branches that littered the forest floor until I came across a slope. I clambered up it and found a spring of fresh, clear water.  I took a deep drink, it was freezing cold and delicious! I tried to carve a small pail out of the stone so that I could take some back to the beach. It worked but it was very wonky.

As I was heading back down the slope, I saw a white sail approaching the island. I ran, spilling half of the water but not caring less. I gathered the broken pieces of my ship that were scattered all over the beach and used a sharp stone to cut vines to lash them together. I called Meg onto the raft as I pushed it off into the vast ocean and headed towards the ship. As I exited the cove, I noticed a hoard of oysters. I carried on going until I reached the ship. The jeweller was there waiting for me. He explained that he had noticed I had been gone for too long and organised a search for me.

Over a hot meal, I told the jeweller what I had seen and we arranged to go back and get the pearls. I dived into the sea and swam down to the oysters, prising them free from their rocks and bringing them to the surface. I was in luck, I had picked the largest ones with the most beautiful pearls inside them. This meant we could sail home to America and celebrate… the jewellers money worries were over!

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  1. Tracey says:

    Another beautiful piece of writing Beth… Well done! I wonder who will buy the beautiful pieces of jewellery? Will the jeweller explain the adventure that led to the retrieval of the pearls? I wonder… X

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for commenting Tracey.I’ll have a think about the jeweller!

  2. Claire Lotriet says:

    This is a wonderful piece of writing – I love the description of the storm. You have a pretty extensive vocabulary, Elizabeth – am I right in thinking you read a lot? It really shows! You’ve made some great word choices like ‘hoards’ and ‘prising’ to name just a couple. Keep going!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you very muchClaire. You are right, I do read a lot

  3. Nana says:

    What a fabulous story. I was quite afraid when Meg washed over the side of the boat but I shouldn’t have worried as I know you would not let anything bad happen to her. How clever of you to build a raft and how lucky the jeweler had come to help. I hope he makes lots of money from the pearls and is able to feed his family and have enough left over for a big bone for Meg.
    This is so well written well done Elizabeth keep up the writing every story you do keeps me wanting more.
    love Nana

    • Elizabeth says:

      thanks Nana. I’m starting to enjoy writing P.s I hope your Dog is OK

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