Is the little Princess safe? Chapter Two

When the guard returned after at least ten minutes he was carrying two new small brown leather suitcases, he placed them on the ground. He picked up the pail full of pee and threw it into the grass around the van. I finally plucked up the courage to ask him his name “Sir, what’s y-your n-n-nam-me?”

His reply was “Dmitrii.” Also before you ask “Yes I have food and this is your luggage.”

“Two things, one how did you know I was going to ask that, and two, whose luggage is whose?” I asked.

“The first question I can’t answer. The second one, in my right hand is Alexi’s, in my left is yours. In there you’ll find some new clothes that will help you fit in. Get changed, and then we can be off. You’ll also find enough food in there for one day. I hope you like cabbage!”

After getting changed, Alexi and I ate some butterbrots and hard boiled eggs, thankfully it wasn’t actually cabbage! I called to the guard with my mouth full, “Where are we going?”

He answered, “I’m not really sure, but we need to get far from here. I have some family in Germany, so I think we’ll head there. Get ready, you’re going to have be in the back of the van for at least two days.”

“Two days!” I said, “what about Joy, she’ll pee in the van and make a terrible noise!”

“Fine”, he said, “you can get out of the van when I’m refuelling to stretch your legs and let the dog pee.”

We started to drive almost immediately, it was going to be a long two days.

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  1. Carol Allen says:

    So pleased that Dmitrii is going to allow Joy ‘comfort breaks’…otherwise that really would be a long two days!!! I like the fact that something is planned that we are just getting hints about..the clothes that will act as a kind of camouflage and the food. I have been wondering where they are being taken…perhaps when we get a description of the clothes that might act as a hint?

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