Is the little Princess safe? Chapter One

~ Chapter I ~

As we reached the end of the corridor, the guard put his finger to his lips and peered around the corner. He beckoned to us and as we turned the corner we saw the back door in the bright white light from the full moon. He checked to see if there were any guards before he motioned for us to run to his large black van. He threw open the back door and told us to get inside the part of the van that would be used to carry cargo. He’d spent days preparing for this getaway it seemed, as the floor, walls and ceiling were padded because if there were any sudden stops Alexie would surely perish from his haemophilia. We clambered into the back. This mysterious guard placed the sack down and also threw the bows complete with a quiver and arrows into the back of the van.  Before he closed the door he told us to open the sack and take out the coats, “Use them to keep warm or to cover you when you sleep.”

Alexi followed the latter while I stayed up all night watching him from the light of the lantern I had carried through this whole ordeal. Joy sat next to me licking my hand as I lay curled on the floor. Many times I had to wake Alexie to check if he was ok after sudden stops, he always answered, “I’m fine but you are a wreck.” He was always so caring.

The next morning the guard popped his head round he van door and told us to wait for a while, and to stay in the van whilst he grabbed some supplies. “You are not to leave this van until I return.” the guard said.

I replied with fury “BUT WE ALL GOTTA GO LIKE NOW!!!!!!!!”

His answer to that was “I know but you can’t be recognised we can do it after.

I responded “The dog is going to pee in the car.”

He laughed “Then you will have to use the bucket.”

I muttered “GROSS”

He threw a metal bucket into the van and Alexi immediately held Joy over it after the little spaniel went Alexi unbuttoned his trousers and weed like no one else was in the van. When I finally got a turn I squatted over the bucket and peed like crazy, I remember thinking to myself “Imagine if papa saw me now, the youngest Romanov princess peeing in a bucket.” I began to cry silently.

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  1. Nana says:

    I’m still not sure about that guard I really hope he can be trusted. I’m asking myself where will they end up? Will they be safe? When will I get the next chapter? Well written and continues to build the picture x

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