Is the Little Princess Safe? Chapter Four

~ Chapter 4 ~

I realised that there was a railway station in Yekaterinburg so I asked the guard “Why did we not use the train station in Yekaterinburg?”

His reply to this was “The near stations would have been staked out when they realised you were missing.”

We arrived at Kazan not long after the conversation. We left the van just outside Kazan, hidden from view from the road, it was a short walk to the train station.  The guard led us to third class of the train but I pointed out to him that Alexi would need more room otherwise the extreme pressure would kill him. Alexie had the brilliant idea of using second class. Dmitry took out his wallet and gave the person in charge of tickets here enough for three second class tickets and a dog. This used nearly all of his money up, and I started to get a worried feeling. The carriage was comfortable but threadbare. The chairs were made from slightly worn velvet, we had a table between us, Alexie and Joy lay across one side and me and Dmitri sat on the other. Alexie was already asleep.

The train journey was extremely enjoyable. The walls of the carriage were painted duck egg blue and the skirting boards were moonstone blue. The carpet had become patchy over time and the table was chipped. I began to look outside of the window things like trees and adorable, picturesque cottages flew past. Dmitri was staring at Alexie like he was alien. Suddenly the train whistle sounded and it felt like millions of tiny needles pierced my eardrum.

Thankfully, Dmitri had bought us a type of ticket that included food, the second class food was not as good as the food in first class, but it was still divine. We had Borscht a type of beetroot soup it was a deep red in colour.

The train slowed to a halt, Dmitri pulled me and Alexie to the door and Joy followed. He wrenched the door open and told us to step out.  I tripped on a stone outside the door and must have hit my head because the last thing I remember was everything going hazy, and then darkness.

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  1. Carol Allen says:

    Oh no! What a cliffhanger! I especially loved the description of second class…the details were perfect and conjured up in my mind the image of what I always call, ‘faded glory.’

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