Is the Little Princess safe? Chapter 6

~ Chapter 6 ~

The farmer came bustling in with plates full of food. She placed them on a small coffee table whilst she dragged some small side tables from a nest and placed one in front of me and one in front of Alexie. She picked up the plates and placed them on our tables. It was some kind of sausage and weird brown bread which had some cold fruit on it. I questioningly looked at the bread and asked “is this Butterbrod?”

Her reply was “No bauernbrot.”

“Sorry it’s Butterbrod the common Russian meal” I protested.

I began to eat the sausage whilst she made noises of discontent.

To sort of apologise I said “This meal is sublime.”

“Thanks a lot princess.” She answered cockily.

“I am glad you noticed commoner.” I muttered under my breath and I don’t think she heard.

I continued to eat now on the bread and fruit. Alexie by this moment had finished his second helping and was asking for another one, the greedy pig. As soon as I had finished I got up and went outside.

In the garden there was a mass of snow, a tree with no leaves on and a load of empty flower beds. It was deadly depressing. I stayed out there a little longer just to spite our new guardian. When I went back in Alexie was having a miniature celebration, he was chanting “the guard has gone, the guard has gone!” I told him to “shut up” and he ignored me so I tried again, this time shouting “SHUT UP!” This time he listened to me but he ran and told the woman looking after us that I had shouted at him, and guess what? I was the one getting in trouble again! Why? Just, why? It turned out that the guard had been the farmer’s brother, so it really should have been Alexie getting in trouble, but it’s always me, the older one.

I was pointed upstairs and told I was to stay there all day. There were two bedrooms that were empty and since I got there first, I got to choose the largest one. I sat on the double bed and looked at the vanity, wash stand and wardrobe which were all made of a white wood.

At this moment, our carer came in and told me that since I was staying in this room for a while I may as well keep myself busy and decorate it. She handed me a big box of paint, some glue, old newspaper, and other materials and toys. Before she left I asked what her name was, and she said “you can call me Jenny”.

“I am sorry about being rude to you earlier.” I apologised.

Jenny’s answer to that was “It is OK and by the way I know it was Alexie being unkind earlier, that is why I sent you up here first and brought you these things.”

I thanked Jenny, and had another look at the room. It was quite simple, but a good thing with simplicity is that it is like a blank canvas, you can always add your own style.

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