Is the little Princess safe? Chapter 3

~ Chapter 3 ~

The last thing I remember is the doors closing on the van, I must have fallen asleep on the padded floor of our transportation because I awoke to Alexi shaking me. He kept repeating “Look inside the sack, look inside the sack.”  I eventually picked up the sack and said “It’s just a sack.”

Alexi said patronisingly “Look inside the sack, are you dumb?”

I again grabbed the sack, this time I opened it.  What I saw in there literally blew my mind. I saw the imperial Faberge eggs, lots of them. I took them out carefully and began to count the ones I knew:   The Winter Egg; The Hen Egg; The Third Imperial Egg and my favourite The Rosebud Egg. In total I counted forty eggs. At this moment the driver saw what we were doing and caught my eye, “We may as well pull over, I think we need to talk.”

We’d been keeping to country roads, to avoid being recognised, so the driver found a clearing in the forest we were driving through and opened up the back doors to the van. Joy jumped out of the van like there was no tomorrow and ran around the clearing about ten times before returning to the van and sitting next to Alexi. I was pleased because then Alexi had some companion other than his bossy older sister. The guard explained to us that he’d taken the eggs so that if we fell on times of hardship they would be able to sell one. I was stunned, but very grateful.

“How far do you think we have to drive now?” I asked the guard?

“Not too long, we should be able to meet the train in a couple of hours, then we’ll get as close to Germany as we can.”

I was excited, because the last time I’d seen the Trans-Siberian railway was two years ago, when my father, Tsar Nicholas II opened it.

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  1. Carol Allen says:

    ooohhhh now I am so excited – the Trans-Siberian railway is something that I would personally love to travel on…and perhaps it is going to feature in the story!!! I also love the Faberge eggs detail…off to Google them now to remind myself of their beauty. I have held one (not one of the very famous ones of course) and it felt very heavy and unlike the smooth normal eggshell, a crust of gems and enamel and sparkles…very very pleasurable to hold!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I can’t believe you’ve held a Fabergé egg! The railway will feature, but not too greatly

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