How they put shapes into fireworks

Yesterday we looked at how they put colour into fireworks, and Tracey then asked a question about how people can get shapes into fireworks. We have found out that you have to put cardboard that is in a shape into the rocket and some stars, and when you launch and it explodes it will appear in that shape. Here’s my video

And this video shows you how they look when they explode!

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  1. Tracey Harris says:

    Thanks Beth,you are very clever for finding this out! Did you see any of the shape fireworks? There were lots at the RAF display :0) Hope you, Mummy and Daddy are all well and that you are having fun at school. Have you started practising for your Christmas Play yet? We are starting next week. Lots of Love Tracey xx

  2. Stuart Ridout says:

    Wow! That’s interesting. I didn’t know that so I’ve learned something new today.


    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for the comment. I love fireworks!

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