Harry Potter Book 8: The Atuned Stone: Prologue


It was a warm Spring day in Godric’s Hollow. Potter’s Cottage had taken ages to rebuild the roof and it looks brand new. In the garden they managed to plant a load of climbing roses, honeysuckle plants, lilies in memory of Harry’s mum and dad and petunias.

The sweet smell of the flowers filled the air and the hot pink climbing roses were climbing up the poles of a large canopy in a humungous garden.

Neville, Harry, Ron and Fred were impatiently standing waiting to be joined by Luna, Ginny, Hermione and Megan. Ron and Neville were sweating while Harry and Fred were impatient and listening to the chatter of guests.

A girl comes walking in with a basket full of honeysuckle petals and scatters them down the garden path. Soon after the first of the brides comes walking down, her name was Luna Lovegood, and she would soon to become married to Neville. She is wearing a dress of midnight blue with white flowers down her left hand side. She is carrying a bouquet of white roses and pink waterlilies. Her light blonde hair is tied back in a bun with a yellow amaryllis.IMG_20160131_134910

Soon after she was followed by Ginny Weasley in a beautiful flowing white gown with golden embroidered stars with a tiara holding back her flaming red hair. She is holding a bouquet of golden roses and looking down at the beautiful honeysuckle petals.

Making sure not to trip over the long skirt of her dress, Herminone Granger flowed down the path. Her dress was the colour of sunset with little blue birds stitched all over. Carrying bluebells in her hand, she took Ron’s breath away with her sweetheart neckline.

Finally, Megan swayed down the aisle in a lavender gown. Her flowers were traditional red roses with a diamond necklace and an emerald broach. Her dark brown hair is covered by a pink veil. She was wearing really tall high-heels which brought her up to Fred’s height.

All four fathers walked their daughter down the aisle, it was quite an honour that Mr Weasley was there as he was now the Minister of Magic. Hermione’s dad had tears in his eyes, when the memory spell wore off he remembered Hermione and that he loved her so much. Luna’s dad walked Luna down the aisle absentmindedly thinking of a story for the Quibbler about this amazing quad wedding.  Megan’s dad gaily walked Megan down the path astounded with the Unicorns that were frolicking around the garden.

When they got to the end of the garden, they stepped up onto a patio and joined their fiancé’s.  In front of the vicar there was a golden bookstand shaped like an eagle. The vicar started to speak and magically the book he was reading from was turning the pages all by itself. This blew Megan’s dad’s mind!


Meanwhile, in the Malfoy Manor Chapel, another couple were getting married. Draco and Parvati. It was a lot drearier than the quad wedding, they had invited no guests apart from the parents.  It had no flowers, they were dressed all in black and unlike the golden eagle book stand for the quad wedding, it was a silver snake.  It was so much drearier that even if they had invited anyone, they would probably have said no if they knew what conditions they’d be in. Draco was a tall, fully grown man with a black tuxedo on and Parvati was in a black dress with one emerald green snake slithering down the front. They were worshipping Lord Voldemort, one of his closest followers was marrying them – Lucius Malfoy in fact.

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  1. Nana says:

    Fantastic and very descriptive I really enjoyed reading this

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks, it took us about 50 minutes to do!

  2. Tracey Harris says:

    Great work Elizabeth… With such beautiful, descriptive writing I can imagine the scene vividly. I’m looking forward to the next instalment! X

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to writing it!

  3. Claire Lotriet says:

    Elizabeth, I’m a bit late to this party – I see that you’ve written six chapters! That is really quite impressive. I mean that seriously, not just because I’m a teacher and I say stuff like that – I only say it when I mean it.

    I’ll definitely be reading the next five chapters, but what I really enjoyed about this one was the sense I got of the different characters’ personalities – using the word ‘absentmindedly’ to describe Luna’s dad was such a good choice.

    Where did you get your idea for this story?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for your comment Claire, I got the idea from the original books and the studio tour we went on (I am obsessed with Harry Potter!)

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