Harry Potter and the Atuned Stone: Chapter Three

The Gryffindor common room was a luxurious circular room with leather and velvet armchairs and a roaring fire. The wooden tables were made out of ash wood. It was warm and cosy and soon they were so sleepy they were forced to go upstairs to their dormitories. As soon as they flopped down on the beds they were almost asleep straight away, but Skye few in with a letter for Albus. She had been missing for days and he wondered where she’d gone because she’d simply gone out one night to go hunting and not come back.

The letter was from his parents asking him what house he was in and if he was in his common room or in his dormitory. This was simply because they wanted to find out if Hermione had changed the layout of the rooms at all.  Albus replied on the back of the same parchment straight away that the common room now had ash wood tables instead of the oak wood that it used to have and that there were no longer girls and boys dormitories, but they were all mixed in now.  He sent the letter back with a school owl and straight after he got back from the owelry he fell asleep with Skye on his bedside table.

When he woke the next morning he realised that it was a Sunday, so he wasn’t going to start lessons until the next day.  He took out Skye, who unlike normal owls slept at night and was awake during the day, unless she was hunting of course. He got out his bag of owl treats and owl food, and put them into her food bowl and topped up her water bowl.  Whilst he was doing that, Skye flew around his bed. The cold wind from her silent wings woke up all of the other students in his dorm.  Everyone asked, except for Jane and James, why the owl wasn’t in the owelry. Albus answered that “she is a very shy owl and she hates going too far anywhere without me. She is scared of other owls and she generally wouldn’t like it.”

While Skye was eating the food he had left out for her, Albus went out into the ground of Hogwarts with Jane and his brother to go and see Hagrid in his cabin. They knew Hagrid from the many times he had visited them at home. He let them straight in and offered them rock cakes, Jane politely replied “no thank you, we aren’t hungry yet”. She asked Hagrid how he was doing and if he was well, and Hagrid replied that “I am fine, thank you”. Straight after he said that, Skye came swooping in with Spirit and they quickly found their owners.  In their mouths they were carrying boxes of chocolate frogs. Albus and James grabbed them, opened the boxes and offered them to Jane and Hagrid. They accepted them and Albus got a card that mentioned something that was called an Atuned Stone. He was confused and wondered if it was anything like the Philosopher’s Stone which he had heard so much about. He was so distracted he didn’t see Skye eating one of Hagrid’s rock cakes and Jane joked that it would be some time before Skye could fly again!

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  1. Nana says:

    I laughed at the idea of a rock cake being so heavy it would stop the birds flying. I’m very curious about what the attuned stone may be. I will have to wait for the very next installment.

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