Harry Potter and the Atuned Stone: Chapter Six

James, Albus, Jane and Scorpius exited the potions classroom and were heading straight to Gryffindor common room when Lucius sprang up behind them throwing jinxes, curses and spells at them. They ran as fast as they could into in to a deserted classroom and barricaded the door with desks and chairs. When they finished they were panting and gasping for breath like when you first emerge from being under water for a long time.

They flopped down onto the floor and one-by-one looked up and saw a humungous, terrifying sphinx! The sphinx yelled “if you wish to pass, you must answer my riddle OR DIE!” The sphinx was a part lion part woman creature with shining black hair, emerald green eyes and paws that looked like they’d easily squash a house. How they fitted it in a classroom was unknown.

Scorpius screamed at the sight of the sphinx and Jane yelled “how did they fit a sphinx in here? This is a school, not a magical zoo! I bet this is all Hagrid’s fault, it is just the sort of thing he’d do!”

Just then, sphinx said “my riddle is, what is the riddle you would not like to meet in the street?”

They spent what seemed like hours pondering on what it was, when Albus shouted “Tom Riddle!”

The sphinx boomed “correct! Now you may pass my domain, but what is beyond may be far worse than you imagined.”  The sphinx’s paw lifted into the air and they saw a dark square hole where bricks had been removed. They threw themselves into the hole and landed face down on hard cold grey flagstones in a room lit by torches.

Scorpius yelled “Venomous Tentacula’s! This is exactly the sort of place they love to live. Not much light, but enough to see in”.

“What’s a Venomous Tentacula?” James asked.

“It’s a sort of plant that will attack any living thing it detects by injecting its deadly juice into the bloodstream henceforth killing it” answered Scorpius.

They were all petrified at the thought of meeting a Venemous Tentacula. Albus said “wands at the ready, and curse every Tentacula that you see. I’m sure I read that’s the way to defeat them.”

The children took out their wands and hit the Venomous Tetantula’s from all directions. Everyone except Scorpius could do it, though his wand was used to cursing it didn’t work properly because it was second hand.

The Tentacula’s died all around them and they ran through a doorway in the corner of the room before the Tentacula’s could grow back.

Scorpius entered the next room last and when he saw the Hippipunk, he said “what’s that? It’s adorable?”

Jane said “Don’t be fooled by it, silly, that’s what killed all these people. Look at all those drowned bodies in the water.”

James, Scorpius and Albus said in unison “we were wondering what happened to all those people who were disappearing.”

Albus explained “don’t get fooled and follow the light, just head straight towards that door and you’ll be fine.”

They did as Albus said, though Scorpius did nearly follow the light a few times. They came to the next door and were just about to go through when they heard a scream from behind them. When they turned around they couldn’t believe their eyes.


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  1. nana says:

    Another real cliff hanger that is a really exciting chapter I can’t wait to read the next installment

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