Harry Potter and the Atuned Stone: Chapter Seven

It was Erin Thomas, Dean Thomas’s daughter. She had been following the light of a Hippipunk, she was looking very scared because she had nearly fallen off a wet, slimy log into the boggy lake that had dead bodies in.

Scorpius ran to grab her hand and pulled her up, therefore nearly falling off the log on the other side! They stood on the log trying to balance and eventually having to swim through the water. They were pretty disgusted when they got to the bank.  When they clambered out of the water, they ran to join the others. They were in this together now.

Jane pleaded with Erin to tell her what she was doing here. Erin replied “I thought the classroom was the right classroom for the lesson I was going to, and Peeves had put the desks up to try and stop us for a practical joke. Though you know I’m quite strong, so I pushed the door open a crack and slid through.”

Erin looked bedraggled, normally her long, silky black hair flowed out behind her. Now it wasn’t so silky, it was more slimy and stuck to her back. She had emerald-green eyes and was small and slender.

They pushed open the next door. They were in some sort of dungeon with splashes of blood on the ground and walls. There were many little pot-holes in the ground and Jane whispered “Red Caps…”

The Red Caps sprang out of the pot-holes when they heard the closing door they started beating at the children’s legs with bones only to be grabbed and thrown across the room or kicked out of the way by the children.  Scorpius was making soft, moaning noises and Jane was thinking “this is cruelty to animals, this is cruelty to animals, we should just run, this is cruelty to animals”.

A Red Cap is a small Hippipunk-like creature that has both legs and is a little more solid. It also had more of a twisted face, and instead of a lantern they carried small chicken wish-bones which they used to hit people’s legs until they break and then they’ll carry on until they get to the skull. By that time the people are usually dead.

When Jane actually whimpered “we should just run”, they gave up the hopeless throwing and kicking and ran towards a door in the corner of the room. If a Red Cap got close the children would shake a fist, or bring out their wand and the Red Cap’s scurried away quickly.

Eventually the children reached the door. Scorpius was howling in pain as he limped through the door. Jane had to use the bone healing charm quickly so they could all get onto the next challenge. They found themselves on the side of a swimming pool with swimsuits and trunks. They were in luck. There were three boys trunks, and two girls swimsuits.

It was almost as though they were expected.


Picture credit: Benny Mazur

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  1. nana says:

    I wouldn’t want to meet the Red Caps they sound really nasty. I am wondering what is next and what the swimming suits are for? This is very exciting and really well written

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks! 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 :0) %)

  2. Narna says:

    Red Caps and Hippipunks, slimy logs and boggy lakes. – I can’t stand the suspense! What happens next?……….

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you. You’ll have to wait until the next chapter 🙂 😉

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