Harry Potter and the Atuned Stone: Chapter Nine

They woke up what felt like days later in the hospital wing with people crowding around their beds. Five of their visitors were their Mums or Dads.

Soon, Madam Pomphrey shooed the visitors away, except for one. That person was Hermione Granger. As Madam Pomphrey slipped out of the room Professor Granger began to speak.

“You five have shown great bravery against all challenges. We have smashed the Atuned Stone but we had to give you five one sip each otherwise you would  not have been here to tell your tale.” She started to explain why the Atuned Stone was so heavily guarded, “I am afraid to say that because that person could float, he was able to fly passed all our defences. The staff of this school personally managed to get rid of the ghost, I think it might have been Crabbe, one of Draco Malfoy’s closest followers. We didn’t succeed in getting it to Azkhaban though, it escaped before we got there.”

Scorpius screamed at the name Draco. Jane hid under the covers of her bed, but Albus and James didn’t flinch – they’d grown up hearing Voldemort and Draco’s name.

Erin said “I wonder if Draco is still out there, plotting his revenge against Harry Potter…”


Picture Credit: Macroscopic Solutions

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