Harry Potter and the Atuned Stone: Chapter Four

Snape Chocolate Frog Card

Jane said “what’s an Atuned Stone?”

Albus answered “Mum and Dad used to talk about one when they thought we weren’t listening, but then again they never talked about it in much detail. They mainly talked about the Philosopher’s Stone, but sometimes they said that they’d heard rumours about an Atuned Stone. Mum and Dad said they needed to research it, because the rumours had said that it was hidden at Hogwarts and we don’t want anything bad happening do we?”

“One word” Jane said, “Library!”

Jane took after her father in her rudeness and cockiness, but after her mother in her smartness and love of the library.

They said goodbye to Hagrid and went straight to the library. They sat down on one of the hard wooden benches and each of them picked out a pile of books and rifled through. They didn’t find a thing. The pile of books grew steadily higher until you had to stand on a bench to see the top, and then the table!  Soon after, they felt like they’d taken half the library down to get to one book and they couldn’t reach the top of the used pile any more.  So they gave up searching in the library, they knocked down the pile and put all the books back.

“We can also ask mum” said Jane, “she did always say that if we found anything that we didn’t understand that we should go straight to her.”

Albus said “Good, we would have spent all day looking in there, I bet it’s in the restricted section!”

They went straight to Hermione Granger’s office. When they got there, they were completely stuck as they didn’t know the password. Albus had a guess and shouted “BOOKS” and the gargoyle leapt aside, they ran up the staircase and knocked on the Headteacher’s door. She called “come in” and they stumbled in through the door.  Jane was the first one to catch her breath. She said “we saw a thing on Severus Snape’s Chocolate Frog card, it mentioned a thing called an Atuned Stone. We just wondered what one was. We searched the library and couldn’t find anything, so we came to you.”

Hermione said “okay, I’ll tell you what one is, as long as you promise not to go looking for it.”

They hastily agreed and she explained that it was like a purple diamond with a potion inside that as soon as the potion touches your lips it will give you eternal life. “Severus Snape created it but didn’t take it in time to save him from the snake bite.” Hermione continued, “That is sadly why he is not with us anymore.”

Hermione asked whether the children would like to come down to lunch with her, they agreed of course. Jane and Albus marvelled at how much of an opportunity it would be  to go down with the headteacher, even though it was only Jane’s mum!  In James’ head, all he could think about was “food, food, food, FOOD!”

After lunch they walked straight to their dormitory whilst talking about what they had just discovered. This is where a new character shall come into our story. Lucius, Draco Malfoy’s eldest son, was stalking behind them overhearing everything they said, and then he said “oh, what’s this new thing you’ve discovered?” They just yelled ‘go away’ but he didn’t, following them all the way to the dormitory tormenting them about what they had just discovered.  “Tell my brother he is scum” Lucius yelled.

As the door to the common room shut behind them, Jane and Albus asked James, “Who’s Scorpius?” James answered that Scorpius is a fellow Gryffindor who joined two years ago “who just happens to be Draco Malfoy’s youngest son…”

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  1. Nana says:

    Another fab chapter how strange to have a Malfoy in gryffindor that is a real twist in the tale

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