Harry Potter and the Atuned Stone: Chapter Five

In the morning, they went to talk to Draco Malfoy’s youngest son and they said that your brother said something very horrible about you and he asked us to repeat it.  We disagreed but if you want it to be heard I promise you it was horrid.  Scorpius answered “just get it over with, he’ll just send it in an owl anyway, but if you don’t want to repeat it, well that’s your choice”.

Albus said “he called you scum”. The others nodded. “I’m sorry to say that your family is so horrible to you.”

Scorpius explained that they do it all the time, “it’s just because I’m in Gryffindor”.

Jane asked if they wanted to be friends, Scorpius agreed to that. He explained that he has never had any friends because he’s a Malfoy, but “I suppose it’s not that bad, I’ve always been discarded at home and being ignored at school isn’t much different except that a lot more people are ignoring you.”

“We’d better get to class” James exclaimed “we’re going to be late for transfiguration, McGonnagal is going to KILL us!”  They sped down the corridor, Jane and Albus shouting “slow down, we don’t know where it is!” And James calling back, “calm down, just follow us”.

“It isn’t that simple when you’re going at 20 miles per hour” yelled back Jane.

Finally they slowed down by the transfiguration classroom. They were lucky they weren’t late but Peaves the Poltergeist was saying “speeder, speeder, speeder! Slow down or the police will be after you.” And floated away cackling!

They flung themselves inside the transfiguration classroom, sat down at their desk, got out their wands and waited for the task. McGonnagal explained that today they would be turning animals into water goblets. Jane, Albus and James were the only children in the class that succeeded. Scorpius managed to turn his raven into a black feathery water goblet with a beak! He was given extra homework to practice that.

They rushed to charms straight after transfiguration saying things to each other like “I wish we didn’t have such a tight schedule, we barely have any time” or “it isn’t that bad really, at least we don’t have to do dumb divination!” But, they were late for class this time because they were so busy talking about divination.

On the black board it said ‘Charms has currently been cancelled. Due to absence of supply teachers and teacher.’  Most of them “finally, some time to ourselves!”  Jane was moaning “urgh, I love charms”. Scorpius said “at least I can get down to practicing”. The others said “we’ll help you, you’re flourishing your wand too much. It’s a simple ‘flick’”. Scorpius moaned that it wasn’t as easy as it sounded, using someone else’s old wand.  James exclaimed “what? The wand didn’t choose you? Yours is second hand? They won’t work properly, that explains why you get bottom marks in transfiguration, charms and defence against the dark arts, it’s because your wand doesn’t work properly! Next Hogsmeade weekend, I will ask an older student to see if there are any wand makers in Hogsmeade so next year we can get you a new wand.”

They hurried back to their common room and started practicing. Jane said “even with a duff wand we still need to practice what the teacher asked you to do. I’m sure the wand will get it after a bit of practice.”

Scorpius said “the wand belonged to my older brother so it is used to hexes and curses and jinxes and every other thing that can be used with dark magic. He didn’t bother practicing charms, it was jinxes, jinxes, jinxes and a bit of curses thrown in!”

They then saw the timetable and they saw they had potions – “oh no, Slughorn” they all said together.

They rushed down to the dungeon and Slughorn wasn’t there. It was Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter standing there. “Slughorn isn’t going to be taking your class today” the Headteacher said, “it will be the famous auror Harry Potter”.  Most of them were marvelling at the words Harry Potter. Most children were marvelling at the sight of Harry Potter’s scar. James said “I have seen it since the moment I was born”. Albus replied “ditto”. Jane said, “not since I was born, but most of the holidays”.

Harry Potter looked exactly the same as he did when he was younger, just with slightly bigger glasses. His scar hadn’t changed at all and seemed to grow as he grew. His hair was untidy as it was before. There was still the scar from Dolores Umbridge’s detention.

He said “today, we’ll be preparing a polyjuice potion. I warn you never to use it, but if any of you have plans to be an auror you will need this potion. I have borrowed a book from the restricted section and it is very complex. I shall be writing the ingredients down on the blackboard. Copy them exactly. Too much of anything shall lead to you permanently being changed into that person. And never try and be an animal – you can be an animagus for that!”


Picture credit: christopher_brown under creative commons licence.

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  1. Carol Allen says:

    ooh Harry teaching..I love this idea. I also like the racing from class to class, excellent observation skills in those sections. Loving this, keep writing!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for commenting. You made me blush 🙂 🙂 😉

      • Carol Allen says:

        ha ha… get used to blushing, writers have to accept praise aswell as criticism 🙂

        • Nana says:

          What a fab chapter I can’t wait to see if one of them permanently turn into someone else in the next chapter. Keep writing and well done

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