Harry Potter and the Atuned Stone: Chapter Eight

There were lumps all over their swimsuits, and when they felt them they were slightly squashy.  One by one they all looked in to see what the lumps were, it turned out to be chunks of Gillyweed. They all stuffed a chunk in their mouths and grew gills and flippers, which would help them to breathe underwater and swim quickly.

They also found five pairs of goggles which whey slapped over their eyes and dived into the blue-green pool. The goggles were all different. James picked the one with snitches all over; Albus picked one with lightning bolts all over; Jane picked one that strangely had wands with sparks coming out all over; Scorpius picked goggle with scorpions all over and Erin picked a pink pair of goggles with hearts all over.

They soon found out why all the goggles were different. As they dove into the pool, five Grindleows grabbed their limbs, and James’s goggles helped all the children swim faster, henceforth they kicked the Grindleows and made them lose their grip on their arms and thighs and made them let go when they got to their hands and feet.

They were swimming towards a dark cave when Albus’s goggles just lit up like headlights which helped them see where they were going. They got to the end of the cave when they found a herd of Kelpies and as they attacked, Jane’s goggles equipped them to fight back and Erin’s goggles helped the children regain health.

As they neared the edge of the pool, they found a few venomous water snakes slithering at the bottom of the pool and thrashing to try and bite the children’s ankles. Scorpius’s goggles spouted scorpions to defend them, they stung at the snakes and eventually killed them.

They climbed out the other end of the pool and found some dry robes awaiting them. It was as though their robes had been transported to the other side of the pool. Anyway, they undressed and got into the dry, warm and relaxing robes. Soon they managed to get to the next door, but strangely this one was a vent.  They took off their goggles quickly because they realised that they still had them on! One by one, they had a go at punching and kicking the vent until eventually they all rammed their heads straight into it and the vent gave way.

It was dark inside the ventilation system. First Erin said “I’m the skinniest, so I should go first” and she flung herself into the tunnel. Next to go was Scorpius, he had no explanation, he just followed Erin’s lead. Last to go was Jane, she yelled to them “there was a girl to go first, so there should be a girl to go last”. They commando crawled through the ventilation system with no lights, trusting that forward was the correct way to go.

When they got to the end of the ventilation system, they had to ram their way out again only to find themselves in a strange room full of pot-holes and a boggy area. Jane said “it’s a mixture of the challenges, apart from the Venomous Tetantuala’s – how strange!”  Albus said “let’s all defeat a different section. Scorpius and Erin – you go for the Red Caps. Jane and I will go for the Grindelows. And James will go for the Hippipunk. Let us all meet next to the half-trap, half-normal door when we’ve finished”.

First to reach the door was James. Next came Albus and Jane, followed by Scorpius and Erin. It had been the trickiest of challenges. Scorpius had sprained his leg and was worried it was broken and Erin had a scratch all the way up her leg so they had to be healed by Jane again and were the last to jump through the door.

They found themselves facing a whispy, two legged ghost who said “I’ve beaten you, you can’t get past me. I’m about to open the Atuned Stone!” He was just reaching down to grab the Stone when Erin grabbed it before him. He drifted through them all, knocking them unconscious.


Picture credit: Chris Nelson

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