I wanted to find out how fireworks get their colour. I have found that it is different metals inside the firework that burn in different colours. For example, potassium burns pink, copper was green an sodium is yellow. I found out from this video

And I love these fireworks!

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  1. Juliette says:

    HI Elizabeth, I did not know that pink fireworks are made with potassium. Thank you, what Good investigating! I love fireworks and I have seen the London fireworks in real life – they are amazing and the roads are full of people all standing and watching. It is so busy, you can’t move because there are so many people, all singing and saying “oooh” and “aaaah”.

    My favourite fireworks are the little blue ones that “pop”. What are yours?

    • Elizabeth says:

      The ones that sizzle at the end at the football club fierworks are my favourite.

  2. Tracey Harris says:

    We watched the fireworks at the RAF base the other evening and there was a heart shaped firework and also a smiley face….. how do they do that? Perhaps you could do some more detective work and let me know??? :0)
    Tracey x

    • Elizabeth says:

      We have found out that you have to put cardboard that is in a shape into the rocket and some stars, and when you launch and it explodes it will appear in that shape. Ive done a video for you and will show you soon

      • Elizabeth says:

        Cool video of smiley fireworks!

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