Davy Crockett and the Liberty Bell

I listened to the song Davy Crockett yesterday and it made us wonder about him. Daddy and I have done some research to find out more…


Wikipedia is a great place to find out information about people. It says that he was born in 1786 and died in 1836 which makes him 50 when he died. It also says he was known as “King of the Wild Frontier“.


He was Irish, English, Scottish, French and American!



He was a politician from Tennessee but died fighting at the Alamo.  What’s the Alamo?


The Battle of the Alamo was part of a war in Texas called the Texas Revolution.


One thing I was interested in was the Liberty Bell.  The Liberty Bell is a symbol of American Independence – and was cracked the first time it was rung! It was made in England. We have found from another website that he didn’t really mend the crack “but he did his best to preserve the Constitution.”





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  1. Tony Parkin says:

    Elizabeth When I was about your age all the boys wanted a Davy Crockett hat for Christmas – it was one of the first toy crazes that I remember! But do you think he really did “kill a bear when he was only three?” like in the song?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi Tony, thank you very much for the comment. It looks like he didn’t kill a bear when he was three, but he did kill a lot of bears. In one year, he killed 105 bears (autobiography of Davy Crockett)!

      Why did a lot of people want a Davy Crockett hat for Christmas?

      • Tom Briggs Sr says:

        Tony Parkin and I must be about the same age. I desperately wanted a Davy Crockett coon skin cap for Christmas when I was a boy. A Disney movie about Davy Crockett came out in the fifties and all the boys wanted to emulate Davy Crockett. I got one too! 🙂

  2. Nana Debbie says:

    this is really interesting I know the answer to why boys wanted a Davy Crokett hat it was because he was a hero on TV a bit like superman or spiderman are now but for people who are a little older x

    • Tony Parkin says:

      As I read Nana’s reply suddenly a long-forgotten name came back into my memory – Fess Parker! Fess Parker was the actor who played Davy Crockett – and I used to go to tea at a friend’s house to watch that TV show every week. (We couldn’t afford a TV in those days!).
      More about Fess Parker – and a picture of him as Davy Crockett which may explain why we boys all wanted those hats! http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/people/obit/2010-03-18-fess-parker_N.htm

  3. Hi Elizabeth. I’m from New Zealand, I,m not very familiar with some American history, but can you explain to me what it is meant in the ballad of Davey Crockett, when it says Davey patched the crack in the Liberty Bell. I see from your comments above that it still has a crack in it. Are the words in the song symbolic, meant to mean Davy patched things in congress with the Indian treaty, and he changed things, ie “patched things up”, as I think the Liberty Bell stands for American Freedom and Independence.
    Thanks to you or anyone familiar with this story.
    Clive Reynolds

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hello Clive, the metal that made the bell was too brittle, so when it was rung the metal cracked. But as it hasn’t actually been repaired I think it must be symbolic.

      Thank you for your comment!

      • Oh really! Well thanks for that, I put together a Davy Crockett theme from the Disney Series way back from the 50’s. I based the line of ‘fixing the crack in the Liberty Bell’ as Davy’s disappointment in Congress passing the Indian Bill at the time. So he tore up the Bill – Like him trying to patch a crack in Liberty. Heres the link. Thanks again Elizabeth!

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