An ode to Fridays

The last day of the week,
the day that you get to go home and relax,
a fun day,
a crazy day,
an eye-crossing day,
a neon-yellow day,
a day to wear odd socks because no-one cares type of day,
a day that means no more school or work for two whole days,
a day of love.

Comments: 3

  1. Phil says:

    Naomi wants to meet you Elizabeth. She is pretty sure you would have a ‘meeting of minds’.

  2. Susan says:

    What a view into my mind about Fridays although I may wear odd socks on more days than Fridays. A perfect ode. Love it Miss Elizabeth!

  3. Nana says:

    That describes Fridays perfectly well written witha lot of feeling I love the idea of a neon yellow day xx

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